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Bottle Quick Shot Nip Pourer

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Maximise your bar tending skills with this 30ml bottle pourer and take your performance to the next level!
Product Features:
  • Material: Plastic and 304 stainless steel
  • Pour Size: 30ml
  • 12 month warranty

Colour availabilities: Clear, red


  1. Washing: Before using Precision Pour Liquor pours, soak them in warm soapy water for approximately 5 minutes. Do NOT use bleach or abrasive cleaners. Do NOT place in a dishwasher or use water that is too hot to touch. After washing, rinse pours thoroughly in cold water.
  2. Inserting: Pours and corks must be damp when inserting into bottles. Insert pours in bottles immediately after washing and rinsing , while they retain dampness. If pours have dried, dampen them with cold water before inserting. When inserting a pour into a bottle, twist slightly and push until snug. Typically, only three rings of the cork will fit into the bottle. Some bottles (1.75 litres, Absolut vodka, etc.) require all four rings inserted to prevent leakage. If the bottle is too large to insert the pour, make an adapter from the cap of the bottle. Never force the pour into the bottle, as it may crack or break.
  3. Priming: Prime the pour by holding a finger over the spout and quickly turning the bottle over. Prime pours before the first use and after each cleaning. If the pours are not primed, the first shot poured may not be measured accurately.
  4. Pouring: When pouring, turn the bottle in a smooth motion to a 45-60 degree angle (approx. 2 o'clock). Precision Pours are designed to pour fast, but, as with any liquor pour, never whip the bottle into pouring position.

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keith smith


Greig Martin

Effortless shopping thank you

Raewyn Joyner

It works well.


Outstanding product. Great quality

Sandra Henson
Nip pourer

Great fast service thankyou