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Panasonic ETLAE200 projector lamp fits PT-EW500, PT-EW530, PT-EX500, PT-EX600....

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Brand new projector lamp module unit with housing for Panasonic projector, easy to install, comes with 6 months replacement warranty.

If you are looking for a replacement lamp for your projector listed below, then this is the right lamp for you. This compatible lamp is similar in quality and performance to the name brand original but without the price tag!

We guarantee all our lamps for 6 months and offer a no questions replacement warranty if faulty or damaged.

Product Information:

Part#: ET-LAE200 ETLAE200
Lamp Hours: 2000 hours

Suitable for the following Panasonic Projector models: 

PT-EW530, PT-EW530E, PT-EW530EL, PT-EW530U, PT-EW530UL, PT-EW630, PT-EW630E, PT-EW630EL, PT-EW630U, PT-EW630UL, PT-EX500, PT-EX500E, PT-EX500EL, PT-EX500U, PT-EX500UL, PT-EX600, PT-EX600E, PT-EX600EL, PT-EX600U, PT-EX600UL, PT-EX630E, PT-EZ570, PT-EZ570E, PT-EZ570EL, PT-EZ570U, PT-EZ570UL, PT-SLW63C, PT-SLW73C, PT-SLX60C, PT-SLX65C, PT-SLX67C, PT-SLX70C, PT-SLX80C, PT-SLX80CL, PT-SLZ66C, PT-SLZ67C, PT-SLZ70C

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