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HiSimen HAF-QIN / DA97-17376B Compatible Samsung Water Filter HFF-1630A

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HiSimen DA97-17376B Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement (x 1 filter)

Product Information:

- Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF ANSI 42.
- Unique, premium coconut carbon block gives you fresh water and leaves beneficial minerals which may be beneficial to health.
- Easy installation and operation, no tools required.
- Reduce chlorine taste and odor, mercury, cysts and lead for cleaner, great-tasting water.
- Drinking filtered water helps keep you hydrated, maintain energy and feel better.
- You'll get 2,839 Liters of clean filtered water every 6 months

Compatible with:

RF365200AP/AA BRF425200AP/AA
RF22R7551SG‚ RF23M8070SG/AA‚ RF23M8070SR/AA‚ RF23M8090SG/AA‚ RF23M8090SR/AA‚ RF23M8570SG/AA‚ RF23M8570SR/AA‚ RF23M8580SG/SA‚ RF23M8590SG/AA‚ RF23M8590SR/AA‚ RF23M8960S4/AA‚ RF23M8960MT/AA‚

BRF365200AP/AA, BRF425200AP/AA, BRF425220AP, DRF367500AP/DA, DRF36C100SR/DA, DRF427500AP/DA, DRF427520AP, DRF429900AP/DA, DRF429920AP, DRR24980LAP/DA, DRR24980RAP/DA, DRR24981RAP, DRR24992RAP, DRR30980LAP/DA, DRR30980RAP/DA, DRR30990LAP/DA, DRR30990RAP/DA, DRR36980LAP/DA, DRR36980RAP/DA, DRZ18980LAP/DA, DRZ18980RAP/DA, DRZ24980LAP/DA, DRZ24980RAP/DA, DRZ24981LAP, DRZ24992LAP, DRZ30980LAP/DA, DRZ30980RAP/DA, DRZ30990LAP/DA, DRZ30990RAP/DA, DRZ36980LAP/DA, DRZ36980RAP/DA, RF22R7351DT/AA, RF22R7351SG/AA, RF22R7351SR/AA, RF22R7351SR/AZ, RF22R7351SR/EF, RF22R7351SR/EU, RF22R7551DT/AA, RF22R7551SG/AA, RF22R7551SG/SA, RF22R7551SR/AA, RF23M8070DT/AA, RF23M8070SG/AA, RF23M8070SR/AA, RF23M8080SR/CO, RF23M8080SR/EE, RF23M8080SR/EF, RF23M8080SR/EU, RF23M8080SR/SA, RF23M8090SG/AA, RF23M8090SG/EF, RF23M8090SG/SA, RF23M8090SR/AA, RF23M8570SG/AA, RF23M8570SR/AA, RF23M8580SG/SA, RF23M8590SG/AA, RF23M8590SR/AA, RF23M8960MT/AA, RF23M8960S4/AA, RF23R6201DT/AA, RF23R6201SG/AA, RF23R6201SR/AA, RF23R6201SR/AZ, RF23R6201WW/AA, RF23R6301SR/AA, RF24R7201DT/AA, RF24R7201SG/AA, RF24R7201SG/SA, RF24R7201SL/SA, RF24R7201SR/AA, RF24R7201SR/EE, RF24R7201SR/EF, RF24R7201SR/EU, RF28R6201DT/AA, RF28R6201SG/AA, RF28R6201SR/AA, RF28R6202WW/AA, RF28R6241SR/AA, RF28R6301DT/AA, RF28R6301SG/AA, RF28R6301SG/EM, RF28R6301SG/PE, RF28R6301SR/AA, RF28R6301SR/AP, RF28R7201DT/AA, RF28R7201SG/AA, RF28R7201SR/AA, RF28R7351DT/AA, RF28R7351SG/AA, RF28R7351SG/AP, RF28R7351SG/CO, RF28R7351SG/ED, RF28R7351SG/EM, RF28R7351SG/PE, RF28R7351SG/ZS, RF28R7351SR/AA, RF28R7551DT/AA, RF28R7551SG/AA, RF28R7551SG/AC, RF28R7551SR/AA, RF28R7551SR/AC

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8010 - HFF1630A

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John Dewar
Feedback from John D

On-line purchase very easy to do - response time very quick great product at very competitive price. All round very happy.