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125KHz 13.56MHz NFC Smart Card Reader Writer RFID Copier X100 USB Port Access Card Programmer Duplicator Copy Encrypted Keys

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• 125KHz and 13.56MHz Frequencies :This product operates at two different frequencies, making it versatile and suitable for various applications.


• NFC Smart Card Reader Writer :The product can both read and write smart cards, making it a convenient tool for access control and data storage.


• RFID Copier:The product can copy RFID tags, making it useful for duplicating access cards or other RFID-based devices.


• USB Port Access Card Programmer:The product can program access cards via its USB port, making it a convenient tool for managing access control systems.


X100(With Keys Cards)

Product Features:

1. HD 3.2-inch full-colour screen with clear display and multiple built-in languages.

2. ID Card /IC full Screen and Voice broadcast (English)

3. Support read and write frequency :125KHz, 175KHz, 250KHz, 300KHz, 375KHz, 500KHz, 625khz, 750kHz, 875KHz, 1000KHZ, 13.56MHz (ISO1443A/B), support HID Prox card.

4. Support card reading: EM4100/EM4200, Mi-do Classic, UID card, ultra light, HID 1386/1326/1346, Ntag203

5. Support card write: T5577, EM4305, HID 1386/1326/1346, UID card.

6. Digit key. You can enter the card number directly.

7. With USB interface

8. Use 4*AAA battery, standard handheld device, easy to carry

9. To decode, directly compile all kinds of smart card access control.


Technical Parameters:

Input current: 500mA

Battery Power Supply: 4 No. 7 alkaline dry batteries (Not Included)

Power Consumption: 70 to 250mA

Standby Power Consumption: ≤10uA

Interface: USB Type C communication, power supply interface

Dimensions: 182mm*70mm*31mm


Package List:

1 * RFID Copier

1* Instruction Manual

1* Type-C Data Cable

1 * Type-C OTG Adapter



1. Front and rear dual induction area

2. Front induction area only supports IC frequency.

5007 - Smart Card Replicator

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