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Epson compatible replacement projector lamp

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If you are looking for a replacement lamp for your projector listed below, then this is the right lamp for you. These compatible lamps are similar in quality and performance to the name brand original but without the price tag!

We guarantee all our lamps for 6 months and offer a no questions replacement warranty. Please expect delivery time of 7-14 days for some models, check wtih us if you need urgently.

Thanks for choosing to shop with Sparts NZ (locally owned and operated). 

Lamps suit the listed projector models:

- ELPLP25 (for EMP-S1, EMP-TW10 and HOME 10)
- ELPLP29 (for EMP-S1+, EMP-S1H, EMP-S1L, EMP-TW10H, Powerlite Home 10+, Powerlite S1+, Powerlite S1h, V11H164020)
- ELPLP30 (for EMP-81, EMP-81+, EMP-61, EMP-821)
- ELPLP33 (for Epson MovieMate 25, MovieMate 30s, PowerLite Home 20 and PowerLite S3 Multimedia Projectors)
- ELPLP34 (for EMP-82, EMP-76C, EMP-62C, EMP-63, EMP-62, EMP-X3, EMP-82C)
- ELPLP36 (for EMP-S4 EMP-S42 PowerLite S4)
- ELPLP38 (for EMP-1700 EMP-1705 EMP-1707 EMP-1710 EMP-1715 EMP-1717)
- ELPLP42 (for EMP-822P EMP-83E EMP-410W EB-410W EMP-83HE EB-410WE)
- ELPLP44 (for EMP-DM1, EH-DM2)
- ELPLP49 (for EH-TW3200, EH-TW3600 LW, EH-TW4400, EH-TW5500)
- ELPLP54 (for EB-S7, S8, S72, S82, W7, W8, X7, X8, EX71, 51, 31, EH-TW450)
- ELPLP58 (for EB-S10, X10, X9, S9, S92, X92, EB-W10, VS200, -
EX7200, 5200)
- ELPLP60 (for 425Wi 430i 435Wi EB-900 EB-905 420 425W 905 92 93+ 93 95 96W H383 H383A)

- ELPLP61 (for EB-430 EB-430LW EB-431I EB-435W EB-436WI EB-915W EB-925 H388A H388B H388C H389A)
- ELPLP65 (for Epson EB-1750 EB-1751 EB-1760W EB-1761W EB-1770W EB-1771W EB-1775W EB-1776W)
- ELPLP68 (for EH-TW5900 EH-TW6000 EH-TW6000W EH-TW6100 PowerLite HC 3010)

-ELPLP75 (for EB-1940W EB-1945W EB-1950 EB-1955 EB-1960 EB-1965 H471B PowerLite 1940W)

- ELPLP78 (for H550C, H555C, H554C, H577C, H654C, H571C, H556C, H578C, H575C, H664C, H573C, EB-X03, EB-X18, EB-X24, EB-SXW03, EB-SXW18, EB-X20, EB-945, EB-S17, EB-W22, EH-TW5200, EB-955W, EB-S18, EB-X25, EB-965, EB-W18, EH-TW490, EB-W28, EH-TW570, EX5230, EX7230, EX7235, PowerLite 1263W, PowerLite 955W, VS230, VS330, VS335W, H566C, H570C, PowerLite W15+, PowerLite W18+, H581C, H567C, H569C, H579C, H574C, H551C, H583C, H572C, H580C, H552C, H557C, H576C, EB-98, PowerLite 1222, PowerLite 1262W, EX3220, EX5220, EX6220, EX7220, PowerLite HC 2000, PowerLite HC 2030, PowerLite HC 725HD, PowerLite HC 730HD, PowerLite 965, PowerLite 97, PowerLite 98, PowerLite 99W, PowerLite S17, PowerLite W17, PowerLite X17, PowerLite S18+, PowerLite X24+, EB-S03, H555B, PowerLite 1284, H553C, H558C, H554B, H582C, H568C)

- ELPLP88 (for EB-G7100, EH-TW5210, EH-TW350 and more)

- ELPLP93 (for EB-G7100(NL)/EB-G7200W/EB-G7400U/EB-G7500U(NL)/EB-G7800/EB-G7805U/NL/EB-G7900U)

- ELPLP95 (FOR EB-2055/EB-2040/EB-2140W/EB-2155W/EB-2165W/EB-2245U/EB-2250U/EB-2255U/EB-2265U)

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1004 - ELPLP25

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Tyrone Riddick
Service good, bulb no go..

Service was prompt and delivery fast, however it was a faulty bulb that turned up.. have returned for a refund.. thanks