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Philips Shaver compatible replacement charger 15V 360mA

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100% Brand New and high quality

  • Output Type: 2-Prong
  • Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Output: 15V 360mA -380mA
  • DC Length of the cable: 100CM
  • Color: Black
  • Plug: NZ/AU Plug

Compatible Models:

HQ5 Series: HQ560,HQ586,HQ568

HQ6 Series: HQ6070,HQ6073,HQ6075,HQ6090,HQ6095,HQ6075,HQ6095

HQ7Series: HQ7290,HQ7240,HQ7120,HQ7140,HQ7160,HQ7180,HQ7260,HQ7310,HQ7320,HQ7340,HQ7350,HQ7360,HQ7380, HQ7390,HQ7100,HQ7200,HQ7240,HQ7290,HQ7742,HQ7760,HQ7762,HQ7780,HQ7782,HQ7120,HQ7141,HQ7142, HQ7143,HQ7165,HQ7260,HQ7310,HQ7330,HQ7350,HQ7363,HQ7800,HQ7890,HQ7300,HQ7320,HQ7340,HQ7360, HQ7380,HQ7390,HQ7740

HQ8Series: HQ8140.HQ8160.HQ8170.HQ8885,HQ8890,HQ8894,HQ8240,HQ8250,HQ8260,HQ8270,HQ8100,HQ8142,HQ8150, HQ8174,HQ8141,HQ8155,HQ8172,HQ8173,HQ8200,HQ8240,HQ8241,HQ8250,HQ8253,HQ8260,HQ8261,HQ8270, HQ8290,HQ8445,HQ8825,HQ8845,HQ8865,HQ8875,HQ8885,HQ8893,HQ8830,HQ8850,HQ8870,HQ8880,HQ8882

HQ9 Series: HQHQ9070,HQ9080,HQ9090,HQ9160,HQ9170,HQ9190,HQ9100,HQ9140,HQ9160,HQ9020,HQ9161,HQ9190,HQ9199 RQ10 Series: RQ1050,RQ1060,RQ1085,RQ1095 RQ11 Series: RQ1150,RQ1160,RQ1180 RQ12 Series: RQ1250,RQ1260,RQ1280,RQ1290 HS8 Series: HS8020,HQ8420,HS8060,HS8040 Others: PT920 AT750, AT751, AT890, AT891 PT710, PT715, PT720, PT725, PT730, PT735, PT860, PT870

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8 total reviews


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richard Andrew
Replacement charger

This was a great buy after my factory charger went missing. Very easy process to choose the correct charger and very quick shipping as well.

Bryan McFarlane
Phillips Shaver Compatible Replacement Charger.

Pleased to get this product. Swift & good Service.
Arrived promptly.
Works well have recharged my Razor Twice now - All working well.


I was happy with my purchase initially but the a/c adaptor only lasted 8 months before it blew up and I had to throw it away. Fortunately I contacted Sparts and they're sending me a new one so 5 stars for the brilliant service.

Andrew Gresham

Fast & efficient service. Part promptly delivered.

Lindsay Donovan
Shaver Charger

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Sparts had a part for a good shaver i have had for many years, and was pleased with their prompt service to my enquiry.